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Lemons in West (By-God) Virgina

Bloomery Plantation Distillery is the first commercial growers of lemons in the Mid-Atlantic. Along with 40 Italian Santa Theresa Lemon Trees, the Distillery harvests 300 lbs. of Hawaiian Ginger and has 2000 Caroline Raspberry plants. Pumpkins, black walnuts and peaches are also purchased from small family farms to create award-winning liqueurs. Fresh. Local. Natural. And stark-ravingly good.

An Artisanal Blend of Vice and Virtue™
Bloomery SweetShines are all designed as sippers. Perfect after dinner satisfiers. However all of our flavors 'Shine as mixers. Journey into our Cocktail Playground of brief recipe ideas at and explore. Release your inner mixology guru and play. Set up some of your favs—vodka, gin, tequila, whiskey, etc.— along with some club, tonic, juices and bitters and let your imagination go!

For some very cool recipe ideas, visit Bloomery's Cocktail Playground at

Best Serving Practices

Limoncello: Traditionally this is best served from the freezer into a chilled glass and we don't argue with this tradition. However this will surprise you as a beer topper too. Spike a nice hefeweisen with a touch for a special treat.

Cremma Lemma: Also great from the freezer into a chilled glass or over ice. This is our "moonshine milkshake." Remember to shake it up before serving. This is made with real milk and can often form a limoncello collar. This collar is the prize in the Cracker Jack box, better than any tequila worm. This tiny bit of lemon cheesecake has a bit of a kick and is certain to put a smile on your face. Try our "moonshine milkshake" in a little bit of bourbon and ooooh, so smooth.

Raspberry Lemon: Best served from the fridge or cooler. Mixes with EVERYTHING!. Mixologists love it, bakers and chefs love it. Bottles are also designed to be used with a straw. Try it one to one with vodka and fresh ruby red grapefruit juice. An oh my, martini.

Hard Lemonade: An American favorite. "Moonshine-based" easy sipping. Low alcohol content. Just a great lemonade. Made from fresh hand-squeezed lemons with just enough spike, it's a special hard lemonade designed for hot days or hot dates. Serve from the fridge or the cooler. Depending on the etiquette of your event, you may choose to drink from the bottle or through a fancy straw. Best purchased in quantity. Refrigerate after opening.

Chocolate Raspberry: Chilled is best, never frozen. Please shake before serving and don't bake it in your car! Again all trades love it. Even coffee baristas! A shot in your coffee and it'll change your morning routine.

Peach: This is phenomenal served over ice. Try this with something bubbly too, champagne, prosecco, tonic. Whiskeys call our peach girl a great friend with benefits.

Ginger: Don't let the old guy on the label fool you, this is a new taste in a bottle. Never before has anyone captured ginger snap flavor and capped it. We like this best at room temperature. Try this mixed with ANY brown spirit, rye, scotch, cognac etc. also great with gin. Like the Limoncello, this is a WOW as a beer topper too. Try a bit with your favorite IPA or Pale Ale for a smoothing result.

Black Walnut: Like our Limoncello this is a traditional Italian digestivo, a straight from the bottle sipper after dinner finishing very smoothly. Unlike limoncello this is not as sweet and offers many spice flavors in the finish. The dark color is from all natural unripe or green black walnuts and a mix of spices creating a unique flavor for you to savor!

Seasonal Pumpkin Spice: Miss Seasonality with tons of personality. Crafted after Eric's grandma's pumpkin pie recipe. And, oh boy, did he nail it! The delight of pumpkin and spice in a delectable, chop-licking liqueur.

Seasonal Cranberry Clementine: Here she comes, just walking down the street singing doo wha ditty, ditty dum ditty dum!Yeah, She’s light hearted, great looking and totally refreshing!
This young lass is our signal that summer is on the way, she only comes out in the spring time and then just like that she’s gone til next year.Grab her when you can! ( No–not like that, you know what we meant!)

From Moonshine to SweetShine
Bloomery's very first macerations

SweetShine stems from America's most colorful and complex time in its history—from flappers and suffragists, to bootleggers and temperance workers, to speak easies and The Charleston. For some it was a time of uninhibited expression, for others, a period of resistance. It was during the rise and fall of prohibition where legends like Al Capone and Eliot Ness came to life. And our very own Papa Stokes. It was also a spirited time when moonshiners flourished throughout Appalachia in spite of the revenoors' best efforts. Lawmakers realized long ago that spirits were an easy tax target and moonshiners have practiced the art of distilling illegally ever since.

History is steeped in our distillery. In 1742, Bloomery boasted the first ironworks west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the first in present West Virginia. Bloomery also held the honor of the largest bootlegging operation in the area. More illegal 'shine came through this one tiny hamlet than in any other area in the state. Even the structural elements of our historic log cabin distillery are tied to moonshining. In 1870 two new additions were added to the original log cabin. The board and baton were from dismantled gundalows—ferry boats used to haul people and product across the Shenandoah River. At night, by the light of the moon, the boats also hauled moonshine. The captains of the gundalows were known as moonshine boatmen.

Moonshining has long been a way of survival for many families and is a huge part of the culture of the Blue Ridge mountains of WV. It's been tradition to pass down recipes from generation to generation. Old-timers used to temper their moonshine with real fruit and sugar for a smoother, more palatable 'shine. Bloomery's all natural SweetShine is crafted after the old-timers' recipes with 190 proof 'shine, pure cane sugar and farm-fresh ingredients.

Our family of flavors are crafted by hand, naturally. From the hand-zesting of every single lemon to hand-writing every bottle's proof on the label. All of the local fruits, roots and nuts from our farm, and neighboring farms, are hand-selected by our master macerator. We carefully handle every bottle to ensure only the best, from our hands to our customers'. Not only is our SweetShine carefully hand-crafted, it's beautifully focused—and stark raving good. So shake it up, play, imbibe, and enjoy our locally loved, stylishly sexy, but never stuffy, libations that eradicate expectations.

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