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Tom Kiefer
CEO, CFO–the grounded one

Linda Losey
CCO, COO–the visionary

Rob Losey, CSO
National Sales & Distribution–
The go to guy


Don Kiefer, Master Macerator

Bill Nicewarner, Production Manager

Tallulah Pollard, Multi-Media Communications Specialist, Production

Karla Wells, Production

Heather Vittini, Lemon Zester

Rita Schmidt, "Fun"-tender

Rob Van Huizen, "Fun"-tender

Mike Giuliani, “Fun”-tender

Sarah Murphy, "Fun"-tender, Mixologist & Flavor Fiend

Jim McCue, Facilities Manager

Matt Cain, Farm Manager

Becky Gutin, Task Manager

Kaitlyn Galbraith, Farm Assistant

Libations that Eradicate Expectations
Photo credit: Deborah Kopper

Contact Info:
Linda Losey

Summary: Bloomery Plantation Distillery opened as a mini-distillery in the agri-tourism industry, September 17, 2011. With a sweet spin on moonshine, we make moonshine drinkable through our hand-crafted award-winning SweetShine® liqueurs from farm-fresh fruits, roots and nuts. And in 2.5 years, open two days a week, 35,000 visitors agree.

The Distillery is located two miles east of Charles Town, WV and is situated on a 12-acre parcel of land where we grow farm-fresh ingredients, including ginger, raspberries and lemons. Yes, lemons in West-by-God Virginia! Our production and WOW experience take place in a two-story 50'x 16' pre-civil war, historic log cabin in wild, wonderful West Virginia.

Mission: To create high spirits and good cheer wherever we go. We craft experiences that are fun-loving, authentic, refreshing and memorable—from our products, to our branding to our customer experience. It's who we are.

Process: Old-timers used to temper their moonshine with real fruit and sugar for a smoother, more palatable 'shine. Bloomery's all natural SweetShine® is crafted after the old-timers' recipes with 190 proof 'shine, pure cane sugar and farm-fresh ingredients. The entire process is hand-crafted—from the hand-zesting of every lemon, to the hand-chopping of our ginger, to the hand picking of raspberries, to the hand-making of our syrups, to the hand-writing that goes on every bottle of every label. Each batch of our flavors is individually proofed; the finished liqueurs range from 40° to 70°. Truly handcrafted. And it shows.

Award-winning: 25 national and international awards

Newsworthy: April 17, 2013: Bloomery is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal Market Watch article by Charles Passey,, which emphasizes the growing trend in flavored spirits. "So, why not make it more approachable by providing the same boost of sweetness that's come to define many flavored vodkas? The idea is a variation on that classic Mary Poppins song: In this case, a spoonful of sugar makes the spirit go down...Of course, the flavor trend is broader than whiskey... And even moonshine — the original hooch — has gone back to its flavored roots, albeit with something of a craft stamp...'Americana in a jar,'... "

Critical Intersection: When Bloomery Plantation Distillery opened its doors in September, 2011, we were the 424th craft distiller federally licensed in the US. Today those numbers have exploded. The critical intersection of local sourcing crossed with the handcrafting of approachable spirits like liqueurs is appealing to consumers. Consumers crave quality, taste and a little bit of the unusual—like growing Italian lemons and Hawaiian ginger in West Virginia and harvesting black walnuts and paw-paws to make farm-fresh Bloomery SweetShine® liqueurs.

Niche Market: There is a growing resurgence with consumers who want to craft cocktails from high quality, fresh ingredients, but don't want to be to encumbered with a drink that's too complex to make. Our fans trust our brand in that arena, and are comfortable and confident that when they grab a bottle of SweetShine®, they can add it to any of their current cocktails and they'll create a fresher, higher quality, premium cocktail that was a breeze to make.

With such flavors as our internationally award-winning "Moonshine Milkshake" Cremma Lemma, Limoncello, Raspberry Lemon, Chocolate Raspberry and Hard Lemonade, and with new flavors such as: Black Walnut, Ginger, Peach, Seasonal Pumpkin, and Paw Paw in the pike, consumers can't get enough of our hooch. Why? Because our liqueurs fill the niche market of being local, sustainable, mixable and, well, stark-raving good.

Competitive Edge: We have a competitive edge. Why? Our flavors. Award-winning, fresh and stark-ravingly good. Mixability. A touch of SweetShine® quickly creates a classic cocktail with a twist. Our personality. We take a stand against boring unadventurous drinking. Our tasting room. The experience is so refreshing and memorable —we're all about history, hooch and hospitality. Our cocktail playground. We show you hands-on how to mix and craft cool cocktails. Cocky Cubes—an alternative mixology tool and "Roll Your Own" dice game. Our causes. We support locally. Our farm and our neighbor's farm. We grow lemons, raspberries, ginger, pumpkins and we source locally. We are truly hand-crafted. We hand-zest, hand-pick, hand chop our fresh, natural ingredients and we hand write on every single bottle. Our customer service. There is someone here who truly cares behind our brand. Because of all of that, we make a difference to our fans, and it shows with over 200 five star reviews on social media.

Target Market: 21-34 year-old millennials and their wine-drinking moms. Hey, as our T-shirts say, "Why W(h)ine when you can 'Shine!"

Marketing: Through October of 2013, we marketed locally in WV. In the third quarter of 2013 we reached out to the DC market with our Bloomery SweetShine® line. In January of 2014, we secured VA ABC stores and recently opened TN. In 2015 we expanded into NYC, MD and PA. We currently ship to 42 states, and are expanding our distribution nationally.

We are capitalizing on the craving for locally sustainable craft distilleries, the nostalgia for the prohibition-era and the explosion of fruit flavored liquors through our hand-crafted, award-winning SweetShines® at Bloomery Plantation Distillery.

Videos - Just Having a Little Fun

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Paddle to the Hooch

Corn Likker Blues
An original song written for Bloomery Plantation Distillery by Deane Kern and Priscilla Rodd. © 2014. Performed by Deane Kern and Hank Goldstein.

Me and Bobby McGee
our local coffee roaster Jen Maghan singing a classic at Bloomery

Backyard Adventures
pre-rebranding from Cello to SweetShine®

Humble Beginnings
pre-rebranding from Cello to SweetShine®

Who knew lemons in WV would do so well?

25 International Awards

Recognized as one of Entrepreneur Magazine’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, 2015

These companies are the offspring of entrepreneurs who melded
dreaming with doing, who took risks, who dared to challenge convention.
And, most envious of all, they have found a way to enjoy sustainable

2015 50 State Series: Best Food Tours Worth Traveling For, the vacation rental company of leading travel site
TripAdvisor, found the 50 most loved and most talked about food and
drink tours across the country, and Bloomery Plantation Distillery has
been recognized on the list of “Best Food Tours Worth Traveling For”

92 Score: OUTSTANDING, Tasting Panel Magazine, 2015

Pumpkin Spice

2015 Double Gold San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Best Nut Liqueur: Black Walnut

2015 Bronze San Francisco World Spirit Competition

Package Design: Black Walnut

2015 Good Food Award WINNER Pumpkin Spice

-“Representing the best from America’s growing movement of talented and socially conscious food entrepreneurs.”
The top taste scorers were further vetted to confirm environmentally
sound agriculture, good animal husbandry, transparency, and fair
treatment at all stages of the supply chain.

2014 Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America

- GOLD Black Walnut
- GOLD Raspberry Lemon

2014 American Illustration AI 33 Book

- Our Mizz Peach and Mister Coal Miner Hard Lemonade illustrations were accepted into the very competitive, highly visible American Illustration (AI 33) book coming out in the fall 2014.

2013 West Virginia Stars of the Industry Best Overall Marketing Campaign

- Presented to the organization that uses the most imaginative and innovative marketing

2013 Beverage Tasting Institute International Spirit Packaging Award

- GOLD Graphic Design Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon
- SILVER Creativity Bloomery SweetShine Raspberry Lemon

2013 Spirits International Prestige Awards (SIP)

- GOLD Series Package Design Bloomery SweetShine
- SILVER Other Liqueur Ginger Shine
- SILVER Fruit Liqueur Peach Shine

2013 Forum for Rural Innovation Award

- Presented to an organization that enhances farm or rural prosperity

2012 Spirits International Prestige Awards (SIP)

- PLATINUM Cremma Lemma Moonshine Milkshake
- GOLD Limoncello
- GOLD Raspberry Lemon
- GOLD Chocolate Raspberry

2012 MicroLiquor Awards

- GOLD Cremma Lemma Moonshine Milkshake
- GOLD Chocolate Raspberry
- SILVER Limoncello
- SILVER Raspberry Lemon

2012 American Distilling Institute

- SILVER Cremma Lemma Moonshine Milkshake
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